Halloween Quickies: ROCKTOBER BLOOD (1984)

October rocks man. And there's no way in hell I'm not writing about horror flicks this month! I've yet to find time to crank out a full review, but until then, I'll try to post a quick blurb about a Halloween-ish horror movie every day. I thought I'd kick off this glorious month with a forgotten slice of rock and roll mayhem...

This one's fairly straightforward, but in a good, neat kind of way. A rocker chick survives a massacre committed by a famous rocker dude who randomly went nuts one night and offed somewhere in the ballpark of 30 people (!) in one go, ultimately leading to his execution under rocker chick's testimony. Two years later, she's the head of his band, they're about to start their tour, and the psycho from earlier takes the whole "rock ain't dead" thing way too literally and starts popping up to torment the girl who sent him to his death, or did she? 

There's nothing you haven't seen before here folks. Every death in this movie has been done before (with a possible exception of a bizarre death by iron), the final girl is incredibly annoying, and this thing can really drag in the middle. Honestly, I was surprised to go on IMDb afterwards and see that at some point I gave this sucker an 8/10, because that is not what this deserves!

Not that it's all bad, though. For one thing, there's something about the murky VHS quality paired with how generic it all is that really gives off an aura of Halloween geist. It's Halloween comfort food with nothing unique to separate itself from the pack, yet just good enough to make the night that infinitesimal amount better. The dude playing the psycho rocker (Tray Loren) does a solid job of hamming it up with an over-the-top evil laugh firmly in his holster and some astounding lines to boot (what does he want on his face again?). The gore is fairly good with some well-done deaths at the beginning and end, with a few fun ones sprinkled in between (the illogicity of that jacuzzi homicide is certainly worthy of a few guffaws). The nudity is definitely plentiful, and there's even a delightful "digging up the killer's grave" scene.

But really, there's only one reason to recommend this lowbrow slasher. God. Damn. SORCERY. Sorcery's an Australian rock band also featured in Stunt Rock (another kick-ass movie, but not one for October). Trust me - this movie isn't called ROCKtober Blood for nothing! Because the soundtrack to this movie kicks ASS! It opens with a screaming hair metal tune called "I'm Back," then takes a break during the middle portion of the flick, then ends with a climactic concert scene with three ass-blasting Sorcery songs all leading up to one of the greatest, most metal villain deaths of our time.  It. Needs. To. Be. Seen.

Yeah, I'd say that on the re-watch I'd give this a 7/10, maybe a 6. It's a good film to kick off the October horror-binge to come, even if the middle of the movie DRAGS (even with an aerobics scene!). But the head-banging opening and the nut-busting closer make the whole journey so, so worth it. Give this one a spin. 

Oh, and if you're wishing to depart with a vinyl record of the film's soundtrack...shoot me a message, would ya?


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Now if only we could send this dude to ISIS and let him feast on them!

October 7, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterVoluptuous Hypothesis

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