Halloween Quickies: COTTAGE COUNTRY (2013)
Friday, October 3, 2014 at 11:36PM
James Oxyer

October rocks man. And there's no way in hell I'm not writing about horror flicks this month! I've yet to find time to crank out a full review, but until then, I'll try to post a quick blurb about a Halloween-ish horror movie every day. It continues witha  movie probably more appropriate for summer, but it's always time for a vacation...

A man and his girlfriend head up to his family cottage for a nice vacation and so he can finally propose to her. The good times are spoiled by the man's deadbeat brother, who's brought his foreign girlfriend to the cottage as well and proceed to piss off the couple. Needless to say, they can't take it anymore, and the two deadbeats are killed. But as the couple try to hide their secret, the body count continues to rise...

I don't know if I've seen a horror-comedy quite as unspectacular as Cottage Country, and it's really disappointing too because it has potential out the wazoo. The only real drawback to the whole production is the writing. The acting's very good, with every character getting a strong performance, most notably from Tyler Labine (who was fantastic in Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil, a far superior horror-comedy) and Dan Petronijevic definitely stole the show as the dickweed brother. It's directed very well with some really good outdoor locations. The gore effects, when there is gore, are pretty fun, too. 

The only downside here is the writing, and it comes close to sinking the film. It's not that it's poorly written; it just doesn't have anything new to say. Some of the comedy is chuckleworthy (I found an argument between the couple about what to do with the corpse of a Jewish man to be particularly funny), but as a horror-comedy, it just doersn't gel everything very well. There isn't enough blood & guts (much less actual scares) to truly satiate the horror crowd, and as a comedy, it doesn't quite hit the ball out of the park.

I found the first half hour of the film to be pretty enjoyable thanks (in no small part) to the brother and his eccentric girlfriend being endlessly entertaining to watch, but once they're out of the picture, it loses steam big-time. I suppose this would have made for an entertaining half-hour short, but drawn out over 90 minutes, Cottage Country can't keep up, and I suggest you look elsewhere for Halloween thrills

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